Unparalleled Technology - Brief Overview


Our state of the art collection software system, with an innovative rules engine, enables the design and implementation of automated workflows that maximize the efficiency of legal and pre-suit recovery efforts. Having control over the business rules that drive our workflows allows P&F to quickly and easily respond to the changing business requirements of our clients and the debt collection industry. The system's built in alerts for potential FDCPA violations and real-time control over the work queues ensure that accounts are always actively worked in a professional manner with the highest levels of flexibility and security.

Security and Compliance is at the forefront of our overall strategy and methodology.

Data and Physical Security

At Patenaude & Felix, APC. information security is of the utmost importance to our business. We continuously focus on data protection utilizing industry leading software and hardware. Our information security program is validated and improved upon annually by certified professionals.


P&F uses the latest encryption for all data. Unlike other third party vendors who may only encrypt data in transit, i.e., transmissions to and from their clients, P&F’s data, including data at rest and backups, are completely secure and encrypted.

Password Policy

P&F uses a strong authentication with complex password policy for all access to network resources.


P&F’s specialized collection/ recovery system has been specifically programmed to ensure compliance with the FDCPA.